Effo Deildin Trading Cards

The goal of this project was to create trading cards, along with branding, that would be marketed to children and fans as collectible trading cards.

The project involved:

  • creating a logo for the cards
  • designing the packaging cover
  • extracting the player images from their original photographs
  • designing a themed background for each team with the team colors
  • designing standard, gold, silver, and limited edition cards
  • designing the front and back covers for the collection folders
  • creating print and social adverts for the product

The project consisted of 15 teams, 292 players and coaches (1 gold and 1 silver from each team), 15 limited edition cards, reaching a total of 307 individual cards.

The design of the cards has each individual team color with a soccer ball print theme adding the textured look. The ball print pattern continues on the black panels to add continuity and texture across every card.

The campaign was hugely successful as every location carrying the cards sold out the cards and collection folders. Many orders were placed for new shipments of the cards which sold out quickly, as well.

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